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  1. I go to Fisher Tire – – I want to say it’s like $12 or $15 to get a tire patched there. Most places patch vs. plug these days which requires the tire to come off the rim and the patch to be applied from the inside instead of a plug from the exterior (which I can do myself) but this is much safer.

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      When I wrote this question I wanted to highlight Fisher but I didn’t want biased answers. Looks like a bunch of you agree. I ended up taking the car to Fisher where they patched it in about 30 minutes. I frequent the Farragut store but today I used the Bearden branch. They were helpful, quick and reasonably priced, just like I know Fisher to be.

  2. I’ve used Bearden but frequent Farragut. I’m not surprised that the Broadway shop is just as good. Buzz, at the Farragut shop, has taken care of me more than once and has definitely helped me make smart decisions on tire purchases for a few of my toys. Great people.

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