Better Know A Candidate: Bill Owen

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Just who is Bill Owen?

Every candidate talks about supporting education and bringing jobs to Knoxville, I have actually done it. I worked with Pete DeBusk and the Lincoln Memorial University (L.M.U.) Board to lead the effort to bring the L.M.U. law school to downtown Knoxville. This new school is bringing hundreds of students and good support jobs to downtown Knoxville.

I want Knoxville to be a 21st Century Community – a community that promotes Knoxville as the education center that it is. I want Knoxville to be a Wi-Fi City that supports existing businesses and encourages the location of new businesses with 21st Century technology.

As a former multi-term State Senator, I have the governmental experience and ability to get things done on a local, state and national level. As a father, homeowner, US Navy Reserve veteran and active church member, I have the life experience to understand and best represent the citizens of Knoxville on City Council.

I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee and President Of Asset & Equity Corporation, a financial and governmental consulting firm. After graduating from UT, l served as Knoxville’s Senator from the 7th district and one of Knoxville’s State Representatives from the 15th and 18th districts.

In the General Assembly I fought for better schools, good paying jobs, safer neighborhoods, better roads, and responsible government. I was the prime senate sponsor of the 1987 Child Sex Abuse Bill.

I developed a reputation as an honest broker willing to work across party lines for the good of my constituents and quickly became an ally of teachers, business owners, college students and hard working Tennesseans.

I am the father of two daughters, Abigail and Haley. I am a U.S. Navy Reserve Veteran, and an active member of the 2nd Presbyterian Church. I live in Timbercrest subdivision located off Lonas Road.

If Elected to City Council, Owen Will…

  • Promote Knoxville as the education center that it is.
  • Make Knoxville a WI-FI City which will help law enforcement, help current businesses be more efficient, and help recruit new businesses to invest in Knoxville.
  • Maintain Knoxville’s Strong Rainy Day Fund.
  • Support Clean Energy Entrepreneurs and Support Knoxville’s Energy and Sustainability Workplan.
  • Implement Knoxville’s Pedestrian Connectivity Plan and continue to improve Knoxville’s greenways, blueways and bike trails so all Knoxvillians can enjoy the benefits of a safe pedestrian-friendly city.
  • Protect Neighborhood Integrity by actually listening to the people who live in them.
  • Establish a Next Generation Knoxville Commission to provide the young leaders of Knoxville a forum to discuss issues and problem solve as we build Knoxville into a 21st Century society.

10 Questions for Owen…

  1. Favorite Local Guilty Pleasure: Onion Rings at the Fountain City Diner.
  2. Favorite Childhood Memory of Knoxville: Visiting my Uncle Hugh’s Glenwood Sandwich shop, and eating my Aunt Vivian’s chocolate cake.
  3. Favorite Local Restaurant: Calhoun’s.
  4. Favorite Annual Knoxville Event: Start of football season.
  5. I’m Rooting for the Project: Full support for Knoxville’s Pedestrian Connectivity Program that includes the Magnolia Corridor, Old North Knoxville, South Knoxville Waterfront (and Urban Wilderness), Cumberland Avenue Corridor. Knoxville has a plan to implement these developments and I support the plan.
  6. One Word that Describes Knoxville: Energized
  7. I’m Currently Reading: History of Philosophy from Socrates to Sarte
  8. I Can’t Start My Day Without: Taking my dog Sarah for a walk.
  9. Most Inspirational Politician/Statesman: Winston Churchill
  10. Quote that Sums of Your Worldview“Some men see things as they are and ask ‘why;’ I see things that never were and ask, ‘why not.’” G.B. Shaw

For more information on the Owen campaign please visit his official site, blog and Facebook page.

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