Car Enthusiasts Meet Downtown Every Friday

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Head towards the University of Tennessee campus on a Friday night and you might see cars like the one pictured above rolling up next to you.

According to their Facebook group, UTDM hosts “a weekly car meet devoted to bringing together and representing East Tennessee’s finest cars and car enthusiasts.”

If you want to show off your ride, drive towards the UT-based Lake Avenue parking garage this Friday around 9:00PM. A video from their first meet after the jump.

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  1. Sorry for the crappy video guys! Just a quick somethin slapped together.
    We had 67 cars show up last week! Keep an eye out for a potential relocation coming soon.

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  3. Yes, I agree with CP. I arise at the garage at 9:02 and no one was there. Not sure of it is at a later or a different place.

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