Change You Can Believe In: Our Nav Menu Gets an Overhaul

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We have flipped the switch on our new navigation revamp. Beginning today, page navigation has moved to the upper right corner, making way for its sibling, the category menu.

Having been around for over a year we have quite a bit of good stuff to offer our readers. With the new category navigation – example seen below – our goal is to help you find more content with less hassle.


As we’ve noted in our Twitter stream, we are in the planning/shopping phases for version two of the site. These menu changes are not part of v2 but a similar layout will adorn our next layout.

We owe a big thanks to Knoxify contributor and WordPress expert Michael Wender, for helping with the new additions. If you experience any bugs or issues with the new changes please let us know via the contact page.

Creative Commons License Photo by retro traveler

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