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What can I contribute?
Unscripted, focused, content on anything pertaining to Knoxville and the surrounding area. You can write on almost any topic. We encourage you to browse the site to get an idea of what type of content we look for. Our featured topics are: entertainment, history, dining, local living, photos of Knoxville, questions, sports, and events. Accompanying pictures are encouraged if you have rights to use them.

Who can contribute?
If you live or have lived in the Knoxville area and like to write then this is for you. We focus on high quality content as we believe a great story is more important than being the first with a story. You don’t have to be a seasoned author to pen for us because Knoxify is an authentic view of Knoxville and not everyone writes novels for a living.

Why should I contribute?
If you love Knoxville and want to put a spotlight on something then contributing is for you. In addition to your content, you will receive a brief author bio, a link to your website (if you have one), and exposure to all of our readers.

Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone may submit an article, but we reserve the right to reject it. We do review all submissions but if you haven’t heard back from us within four weeks then please accept that we’re unable to use your article at this time.
  • If we use your article you retain all rights to it.
  • Every article is edited and we will notify you should we make any changes.
  • We reserve the right to run the article at any time. If your article is time sensitive please let us know when you submit it.
  • All work must be submitted in Word format. If you become a regular contributor we will create a permanent account for you on our site.
  • Please include a brief biography about yourself.
  • At this time we can not monetarily compensate you for your work.