County Commission Interview: Elaine Davis

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Elaine Davis was kind enough to be “Knoxified”. She is running for Knox County Commissioner, Seat 4A.

1. Introduce yourself to Knoxville, who are you, and why are you running?

Elaine DavisMy name is Elaine Davis. I am a working wife and mother of three and I am running for Knox County Commission, District 4, Seat A. I am running to bring a fresh perspective and an objective voice to our government. I have no political, business, or familial ties to Knox County government. I will be an independent voice for those who are not being heard in county government. Moreover, I am running to restore trust and integrity to the office of commission. The decision that our officials were term-limited, refused to give up their seats, sued to remain in office thereby violating their oath to uphold the charter, and then appointing friends and family as replacements all culminated in my mind to reaffirm for me that decisions for our community were being made based upon electability and not the concerns of the voters.
My priorities are ethics, education, efficiency, the environment, and economic development. Please go to my website to read further about me and my viewpoints.
I would like voters to cast their ballot for me because they researched the candidates–I want to win their vote. I want folks to to know that I will work hard. I want people to know that I will remember their concerns and incorporate their opinions into the decisions I make. I believe in the promise that this community holds. I want to be a part of creating that better tomorrow.

2. We think it’s better knowing what not to do rather than having an extensive plan. What areas or interests would benefit Knox County not to venture into?

Just to name a few areas — the trafficking of illegal substances to subsidize development and/or porn.

3. What 5 things could you not live without?

1) Obviously, my faith and my family are number one.
2) I really enjoy sticking my toes in the warm wet sand on a hot summer day while watching my kids play in the ocean.
3) A great cup of joe. (I’m really digging the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks right now.)
4) Laughter. 5) Unconditional love.

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