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“Out of 60 companies, only 4 had a worse reputation than Comcast…” –Wired

The quote above from the Feb. 09 issue of Wired Magazine probably drew an array of nodding Knoxvillian heads as the cable giant tries to polish its local customer service image. Recent Knoxville outages haven’t helped the situation.

Since heavy winds and rain hit Knoxville last week, my neighborhood felt the power outages, downed lines, and the hard effects of heavy branches. Our lines are not buried which means we have experienced loose cable wires and with the amount of children in the neighborhood, we all have been contacting Comcast via phone.

It turns out that they have been and still are slammed given the recent weather problems. Yesterday, Sunday the 15th of February, I turned to Twitter for my Comcast issues.

I tweeted, “Does @comcastcares really give a rip we have their wires hanging got some kids playing with them” to which Comcast replied, “@brandonclarke I would like to get that cared for. Email the specifics to”

Within 5 minutes they had sent me an e-mail, 10 minutes later they called to speak to me about the situation, 30 minutes later two trucks showed up with two of the nicest guys in town, Forrest and Pat (pictured above).

Apparently, their dispatch was contacted through a service manager here in Knoxville; I think his name was Charlie Goodrow. Within an hour, not only did Comcast clean up the lines but they restored my cable and internet.

In 1 hour this entire situation was resolved on a Sunday of all days. Kudos to Comcast for their service, I think this positive situation only goes to show the innovation of the entire customer service industry – my how times have changed. Now if we could get a hold of Bell South, as their wires are dangling.

Customer Centered is a series of posts that showcase Knoxville businesses that actually care about their customers. If you have a story to share send it our way.

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  1. I haven’t needed any support since I started following @comcastcares, but I know I’d turn to Twitter first. Frank is always responding to someone, and I’ve seen him resolving quite a few problems in Knoxville.

  2. Make sure to check your bill, we called comcast to our business a few weeks ago because their guideline was down outside. They billed us $32.99! I had to call and sit on hold for ten minutes to ask for it to be removed.

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