Will You Be Voting Haslam for Governor?

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Gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville native Mayor Bill Haslam is off to a blazing start with his campaign. Former UT star Peyton Manning has even tossed $2,500 his way.

As reported by the News Sentinel, Mayor Haslam has already raised close to $1.7 million; however, only $283,275 has been disclosed to date.

We are reminded everyday by our Chattarati neighbors that Mayor Haslam will face stiff competition from U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp, also a Republican.

If Mayor Haslam makes it to the ballot, will you cast your vote for him as Tennessee’s next Governor?

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  1. I’m curious about Haslam and Wamp running against one another. Wamp has always been strongly supported by the Haslam family in his elections. Why would two allies run at the same time — usually the political powers that be talk that kind of stuff out beforehand.

  2. Post

    @The Modern Gal: That’s a good question.

    Hands down, if Haslam is on the ballot he’s getting my vote. From what I understand Wamp has little “real world” experience vs. Haslam’s extensive list of business and charitable accomplishments.

  3. Haslam will get my support if he renounces his own signing of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s gun initiative…but not unless! Wamp hasn’t shown any leadership except regarding the Big Three Bailout in Detroit.

  4. DEFINITELY! He’s a great mayor and has executive experience unlike the others. Ramsey is very arrogant and I refuse to vote for him.

  5. Heck, NO. I am a Wamp guy through and through. Wamp is experienced. Haslam ran the Pilot C store business and it failed. He never ran the Pilot Travel Center, LLC businesss. He ran the Macy’s Direct and it went belly up. Then he became Knoxville Mayor.

  6. @BH – Isn’t Pilot Corp the same as Pilot Travel Center? If not, please explain the difference. Also, he ran SAKS Direct, not Macy’s Direct, and from what I understand they’re still in business. To stake your claim I’d suggest providing sources next time.

    What has Wamp done that makes him ready? According to several bio’s I’ve read he worked for Olan Mills and some real estate firm. Those aren’t good credentials in my opinion.

  7. @CP – NO, Pilot Corporation was the entity that managed the small C-Stores. The division that was sold off. For example, the old Pilot across from Bearden High School and the old Pilot across from Fuji Restaurant on Kingston Pike East of Lovell Rd.

    Also, Saks Direct as it was while Bill was running it is NO more. Now, I provided you facts. I would suggest to you, that if you desire to challenge information in the future than you should provide sources to back up your claim. Not just ask a question and assume you are correct.

    Wamp has worked in real jobs, not a trust fund baby, a direct beneficary of the lucky sperm club. The citizens of the Third District have heard that same crap you spew about Olan Mills and his real estate firm. They have elected him overwhelmingly and had it not been for his leadership, East TN would not having the benefit of the spallation neutron project and other federal projects that benefit our citizens and our economy

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