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January 2010 will mark the fourth anniversary of ownership for my car. It will also mark my introduction to Lee and Jena of Sun Matic Control who I’ve been doing business with for about the same time frame.

In February of 2006 I took my Acura TSX to Lee and Jena to darken all five windows. Something I’ve done with other cars in the past but this was the first car I had ever taken to Sun Matic Control in Powell, TN. A car forum I started long ago suggested that I go and see these wonderful folks and trust them with the installation of a fairly expensive auto accessory.

From start to finish, my entire experience with Sun Matic Control was an enjoyable one! Four years later you can see below that their product is holding up really well on my TSX.


When we decided to purchase a new car last month there was only one place I trusted to tint the windows. Even more, Sun Matic Control was the only place I knew that would treat my wife with excellent customer service if she went without me. Sure enough, Jena took great care of her and got her in and out in less than 45 minutes. The end result speaks for itself (only driver and front passenger windows were tinted).


If you’re ever in the market for window tint of any kind, auto or home, and want to deal with a customer centered Knoxville business give Lee and Jena a call at (865) 938-4488.

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  1. If I could give this place a lower than poor rating, I would. I have taken three cars to this place in two years. Each time the service got a little worse. I have always had them work on my car on Saturdays even though they initially told me they don’t open up on Saturdays. Usually they would call me the next day with a change of heart. I explained to the woman on the phone, like usual, that I just wasn’t able to get the car over there during the week and didn’t feel comfortable more or less leaving it overnight on the side of Clinton Highway. I then told her if they decided to do anything on a Saturday, like they do from time to time, to let me know and I would bring the car to them and let them do the work. Then she gets a really nasty tone and attitude and tells me that I’m not worth her time and my car isn’t worth her working a Saturday. OK, fine. I understand she doesn’t want to sit at her little desk for two hours watching tv and make three hundred dollars while her husband does all the work. All she had to do was tell me that they are no longer able to be as flexible with their hours as they once were and I would have tried to come up with a way get the car to them. They will never see another penny from me.

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