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  1. I work for food city in BRISTOL, Va. Every higher up we ask will neither confirm or deny which speaks volumes I think. The scuttle here is an announcement will be comeing sometime around our august night race. Vendors who serve us insist its a done deal. I have been through a similar buy out in the past and the patterns are strikingly familiar. In that case we were the very LAST to know. A press release was issued first. If its true i hope FOOD CITY has the decency to tell us first

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    @ed wood: Thanks for the info Ed. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the coming months. From what I understand Publix is a good company with a good reputation.

  3. I’m hoping to move to Knoxville in the next two years from the Birmingham, AL area. We have Publix and Jim ‘N Nicks BBQ here — I hope they open up some Publix stores before we move. The difference between Publix and other stores is night and day.

  4. well I got a publix card in the mail the other day that states I get $5 off a $20 purchase in there store. Mighty interesting since the closest one is Nashville.

  5. I grew up in south florida and Publix is the best grocery store I have ever delt with for quality and service. My mom has been a faithful customer for over 50 years.

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