Do You Already Miss Arby’s on Gay Street?

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Well, it’s been almost a week since the Arby’s on Gay Street shuttered its doors. For 34 years they pushed roast beef sandwiches and Jamocha shakes out of their prime location in Downtown Knoxville.

Are you jonesing for some Arby’s or could you care less that they’re gone?

Not the downtown Arby's, obviously. Photo: Tadson Bussey

Comments 3

  1. I won’t miss it, I never really visited it. I didn’t even know it was gone until I read this article, and I was just at Downtown Grill & Brewery the other day. That being said, having a corporate chain fast food place just didn’t seem to fit in with Downtown’s feel, even though they’ve been there forever.

  2. Yes – it was always busy. I can’t believe there’s not enough room downtown for a fast food restaurant. All the other places are way too pricey.

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