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  2. I hate connections as much as the next person, but I’ve lived in a hub city before — more direct flights means more traffic out of TYS, therefore bigger hassle getting checked in and through security. Plus direct flights are not necessarily cheaper. I’ll take the sleepy little airport that it is and just transfer through Charlotte or Atlanta

  3. NO, it doesn’t. I have lived in Boston for 25 years, but still consider myself from Knoxville (my children starting at age 21 are from Boston, of course) Though I have gotten to see much of the country from the air because there is no direct flight, I would be able to come home more often if there were.

  4. I’ve lived in Knoxville my whole life and have gotten used to the idea that if you’re flying out of Knoxville, you’re going to have to change planes. It’s not something that I feel is too much or too little, it’s just what’s normal. I agree with Modern Gal – our airport is super-easy to get in and out of, and wouldn’t like any more traffic. I can get wherever I need to go, so no worries.

    Now, the expenses are probably more, but hey…

  5. I just moved to the Knoxville area. I am saddened to find that TYS doesn’t have a direct flight to Boston nor do they contract with Southwest Airlines.
    Currently, many of us travel to Nashville each time we go to the Boston area. Please reconsider connections to Boston and using Southwest.
    Thank you.

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