Dunkin Donuts’ Expanding Presence in Knoxville

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I’ve been addicted to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee for as long as I can remember. What was previously unfortunate, however, was the lack of Dunkin in this glorious city. Sure, there’s a Starbucks every half mile, but who wants to spend $5 a day on coffee?! (Note: a small iced coffee at DD costs a mere 99 cents!)

But I’m here to tell you, my fellow Dunkin Donuts lovers, that we no longer have to trek all the way to Cedar Bluff to the only DD in Knoxville! There are now 4 convenient locations to serve you!

  1. 423 N. Cedar Bluff – The original Knox location. Until its recent remodel, it looked like it had been there for a while. But it’s reopened and better than ever!
  2. 715 Campbell Station – This one’s lacking a drive through…but walking inside is still better than hittin’ up a Starbucks!
  3. 7114 Kingston Pike – Located near Papermill, this one is strategically placed just past Dippin’ Donuts. Take that, copycat!
  4. 9411 S. Northshore Drive – Ok, so this listing is a little premature since it’s not officially open yet. However, it’s been added to the blue sign on the highway, so I’m holding out hope that it’ll be open soon!

…and that’s not all! According to a 2007 News Sentinel article, there’s more to come! – 46 more, in fact! It may take 5+ years, but they are coming! And I’m ready!

Hoping to see one on Broadway in Fountain City (I’m sure I’d be their best customer). Where would you like to see them pop up first?

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  1. As another northeast transplant I agree that there can’t be enough Dunkin Donuts. Coffee is way better than Starbucks and donuts are a million times better than those oily things they sell at Krispy Kreme. My office is about 200 yards from the Northshore location, so I’m eagerly waiting on that one to open.

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  3. While I do enjoy doughnuts, I can’t say that I’d like to see any more franchising of chain stores in Knoxville. Especially in Fountain City or North Knox since that’s why my wife and I made our escape from West Knox.

    I’d really like to see another local doughnut shop emerge. We’re definitely seeing an increase in local coffee shops that make outstanding coffee — much better IMHO than Starbucks or Dunkin.

  4. I should also point out that your comparison of Starbucks prices and Dunkin prices are way off. A grande iced brewed coffee from Starbucks is only $1.95 for a limited time. I believe it’s usually around $2.50 though cheaper for a smaller size.

  5. I love Dunkin Donuts but I think it’s odd that they opened a new shop two doors down from Dippin Donuts (which used to be a Dunkin store). Seems kinda bullyish.

  6. My money goes to Old City Java (http://twitter.com/oldcityjava), and to the baristas who know me by name; and who greet me with a smile; and who spend *time* on the espresso shots; and who won’t let a mispoured shot near the lips of their customers.

    I appreciate the fact that DD has won hearts. As long as those hearts *know* that there is very, very good coffee selected and served by local owners with a vested interest in making their Knoxville compatriots happy with every pour.

  7. Post

    My comparison is off because I actually hate Starbucks coffee, so I have to go with a $5 “specialty” drink when I’m there…guess I should have mentioned that. The coffee itself at Starbucks is very bitter in my opinion, whereas DD is a little more sweet. I agree w/ you about the franchising. That’s something I also like about living in Fountain City. I would definitely give my business to a local coffee shop if there was a convenient one near me. I do have to admit, however, that I grew up w/ DD so it’s become an addiction lol…

  8. Nice post, good to see so many diverse opinions, thats healthy for our city and whatever IT decides to be.

  9. I have no problem spreading my coffee love among all the local shops here AND Dunkin’ Donuts. I feel like the local shops and DD are two completely different kinds of operations. Sometimes you just need some fast coffee and a doughnut. Sometimes you want to sit down and enjoy your java.

    BTW, I think DD puts crack in their coffee (kidding) … but it’s soooooo good. And I can walk there from my house!

  10. Yes, DD coffee is good, and yes, I will agree that it contains a crack-like substance. But since we’re talkin’ coffee AND donuts here, I’m gonna have to vote Krispy Kreme. Sometimes a man’s just gotta have his Hot Donuts Now.

  11. Is the one on Cedar Bluff really the original? I remember, growing up, going to the one across from Fulton High School [where Walgreen’s is now] a lot. Munchkins were my crack as a young ‘un.

    I’d love to have one somewhere on this side of town, that way I can mix it up between Krispy Kreme and the DD.

    Not sure how feasible a “local doughnut shop” would be, but would be happy to welcome it to the fray.

  12. I read an article a few days ago that said Starbucks is lowering their prices on some of their most popular coffees because of the lack of sales they’ve had in a declining economy. I still won’t buy one. I drink whatever is cheapest at Kroger 🙂

  13. YES now we need one in North Knox. I love Dunkin Donuts, and its not about hating Starbucks or Krispy Kreme, its just that they cannot meet or match the standards, taste or quality of Dunkin Donuts. Never have and never will!

  14. PLEASE !!!! We need a DD in Halls, that is why I bought my house here, moving from Boston. I go into DD withdraw. I actually drive to the new one on Kingston Pike several times a week. There is no better coffee !!! Starbucks is bitter.

  15. @Chuck Williams: What about the new shopping center in Halls, Will’s Place, across from the Post office. That would be an excellent location. I am hoping they realize we need DD in Halls, SOON!!!!

  16. I am also a MA transplant and I would LOVE to have a DD here in North Knoxville. Before my move here I was a 3 to 4 large iced coffees a day drinker and I miss it!

  17. Better business is to sell 20 cups at 99 cents (making 20 people happy to spread the word) than 4 cups at $5 (making 4 people happy to spread the word…until they hear of a better bargain.)  Greed can be destructive…

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