First Friday Five: FISH Hospitality Pantries

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FISH Hospitality Pantries is the largest provider of food relief packages to hungry Knoxvillians. FISH serves more than 25,000 people through their four distribution locations each month. The goal of FISH Hospitality Pantries is that, “no one in our community goes hungry or under nourished.”

Low-wage jobs, temporary unemployment and under employment are just some of the reasons that people look to FISH for assistance. FISH is completely volunteer run and serves people of all backgrounds while encouraging community building and service to our neighbors.

You can make a difference by visiting the FISH website to make a $5 donation today. You can also visit FISH 5-4-3 to learn about a cool project that uses a $5 donation to feed a family of four for three days.

First Friday Five is a new online giving project that will profile one local non-profit organization each month. Learn about this month’s partner and how your $5 will be put to work.

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