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A new restaurant has opened in Turkey Creek, Noodles & Company. They offer American, Asian and Mediterranean dishes, made to order with fresh vegetables. Check out their menu on their site, and tell us what dish you plan on trying first and why?

The contest will run from May 5th through May 12th. We will then pick first place, and that person will be awarded four free bowl cards. Second, third and fourth place will be awarded two free bowl cards.

Comments 33

  1. I would totally try the Indonesian Peanut Saute because it’s spicy! And has peanuts!! And I really like both of those components in my food.

  2. Where do you start? If it has noodles then I am there! I would pick the Japanese Pan Noodles as my first endeavor into the Noodles & Company menu…but then again, a different day may inspire a different choice. Yummy!

  3. I think the Bangkok Curry looks incredible! I love coconut, and the whole dish looks tasty and healthy.

  4. Just took a look at their website and everything looks HEAVENLY. They have so many varieties of mac and cheese. So, I think I would try the “Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger” first! DELICIOUS.

    I was also VERY impressed with their wide selection of low calorie dishes! (400 or less). After I satisfy my inner child, I might be persuaded to try a salad next!

  5. penne rosa for me..the first time…but you have my favorite kind of food, so there would be many other times!

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