Has SmartFIX I-40 Helped Your Commute?

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It’s been almost a week since I-40 thru Downtown Knoxville reopened as part of the SmartFIX40 project. Here at the Knoxify headquarters we haven’t heard a single complaint from any of our readers about the finished project. And that’s a good thing.

Has SmartFIX I-40 helped with your commute? If I-40 isn’t part of your daily commute, have you driven the new portion of the interstate? If so, what are your thoughts?

Photo is a screengrab of live Web cameras provided by TDOT.

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    To answer my own question, we drove it the Friday it reopened and were very pleased with the look and layout. As a fellow project manager, I can say that finishing early is rare. Big thumbs up to those running the show.

  2. Considering i live in North Hills, just east of where all the construction was taking place, I have to say that the SmartFix project has made my commute to work and downtown so much more enjoyable! I felt so cut off from downtown and West Knoxville when they closed the interstate just past Cherry Street. Now it only takes me five minutes to get downtown. I’m thoroughly satisfied. Great job TDOT!

  3. I haven’t actually seen the new part of I40 since I live in Fountain City…but there is so much LESS traffic on 640 now…I love it!

  4. Like Sassyanne, I also live in North Hills, so getting on the interstate is so much easier now. However, I REALLY wish the railroad would fix the crossing on Cherry Street. You have to slow down to a craw to avoid tearing up your car.

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