January in Review: Our Footprint Grows

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Knoxify January Stats

Eight months ago we started Knoxify.com in hopes of becoming a forum-based website, glowing with Knoxville residents as they posted about their life. Two marriages, one baby and a non-profit organization later, the Knoxify guys took a step back and reorganized. We pondered what this little space on the web could become.

After realizing that Brandon had more ideas than any Trapper Keeper could hold, we decided to embark on a dual-blogging journey back in December of last year. Poof, here we are.

We didn’t know what to expect from an audience we didn’t think would come. I guess we’re halfway interesting after all. These are the blog stats for the month of January:

  • We had 1,644 unique visitors that came around 3,022 times. 8,457 pages were viewed accounting for an average of 2.80 per user.
  • 30 subscribers clicked back to the site 541 times. Oddly, the most read post via RSS feed was Fun with money: Moneygami.
  • Patrick Beeson and Ryan Jones came on and graciously guest-blogged for us. Many thanks guys.
  • 1 person bought us a coffee via the little red mug link. Thanks Jack.

We have a lot of sites to thank for referring links back to us. These sites – in order by # of referrals – helped grow the site:

  1. KnoxViews.com – 188 visits
  2. KnoxNews.com – 187 visits
  3. KnoxvilleTalks.com – 156 visits
  4. AideRSS.com – 88 visits
  5. KnoxNews.com Blogs – 55 visits

Now it’s your turn to talk. What did you think of the last month? We’re really excited about the things to come. Keep the comments coming and “do good”.

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    Busy Mom,

    Thanks for stopping by. Trapper Keeper’s do rock! I guess now that I have a Moleskine I’ve graduated from the Transformers-pimped TK.


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