Knoxified Friday Question: To Forum or Not to Forum?

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During our January review we mentioned that our original intent for Knoxify was to serve as a message board/forum for Knoxville residents to post about their day-to-day lives. Since our readership has grown to over 4,600 people we’ve been questioning bringing back the forum idea.

Would you like to see the Knoxify guys develop a Knoxville-centric forum?

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  1. I do not know, guys. The efforts that I have seen at open forums remind me of the “community news” efforts of recent times. Neither has seemed too successful. I have participated in forums related to news on stocks and related to business improvement and transformation. The time to sort through the noise has always turned me off.

    Blogs like this strike me as non-open forums or directed forums and seem more successful, as you have a director framing discussion. Would be willing to try, though.

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