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Stick Family Decals

There is a growing epidemic in this city that’s tarnishing our global image: stick families!

First, there’s Dad who is roughly 4 to 5 inches tall. Next comes Mom, who is typically laced-up with a very large pair of outlined shoes. Third, comes little Johnny or Susie or Billy or Jenny or, forget it. Let’s just say there are a lot of children involved. And last but certainly not least, the family pets. Yes, even Fido and Garfield get some decal lovin’.

As I pondered the presentation of this weeks Friday question, I stumbled upon a local offender via Twitter. You can run but you can’t hide Missy.

Help me understand why stick families are all the rage these days?

Photography by thapgood

Comments 5

  1. Hilarious! I had no idea what “stick families” were when you talked about it on Twitter. Those things are strange. I don’t get the hype. But how are they tarnishing the global image of Knoxville?

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    The whole post was written with a joking mentality. The same applies for the tarnishing comments. Please take this with a grain of salt. A funny grain.

  3. Even more tarnishing……the I “Heart” My Family stickers!

    Really? You love your family??! Shocking!

    Just had to throw my hat in the ring.
    (Hi, I’m Krisha..I am now a reader of your blog…i like it…and I also like to use lots of these ………..tada!

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  5. Gack! You called me out! Oh noes, now the whole world knows that my coolness is only an act. Does it help that I still haven’t actually put them on the Family Truckster? Yep, they’re still on the kitchen counter, because I’m fast like that. Now, because you’ve outed me, I’ll just go buy some polyester and a Buick to stick that family on. Gotta go now, the blu-blocker commercial is on and I need new sunglasses. My Ralphs just aren’t doing the job anymore!

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