Knowing When to Use Your Coupons

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So you have started clipping coupons. Great! Gathering all the coupons you can find is the first step in developing a successful Coupon Strategy.

Now you have to know WHEN to use them. Most folks start buying products just because they have coupons for them. This strategy will usually not result in much savings, and more often than not you will spend more money than usual on your regular shopping trips. When this happens, frustration sets in and you begin to think that ‘Couponing’ doesn’t really work.

The trick is to gather coupons for everything and then wait for a sale. Then you use the coupons along with the sale. If possible, buy several of the “on-sale-items” with the coupons you have collected. That way you shouldn’t have to buy those items until those items are on sale again.

It all starts with planning.
Steps for Developing a Successful Coupon Strategy:

  1. Make a general meal plan. Look at your favorite store’s weekly ads and adjust your meal plan according to what is on sale.
  2. Match up your coupons to the sale items.
  3. Check out my site for coupon match ups and printable coupon links.
  4. Make your shopping list according to the sale items.
  5. Go shopping and stick to your list.
  6. Start saving!

Successful Couponing does take some time and effort, but don’t worry…eventually you will have an arsenal of coupons to use and the planning part of Couponing will become second nature.

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