Knox Charter Petition receives backing from Knox County hopeful

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64 concerned citizens are pushing a reform effort containing nine charter amendments that will hopefully make it to the August 2008 ballot.

Ansley Haman of the News Sentinel writes:

…the group wants voters to have more direct influence over a smaller commission; wants to prohibit county employees from serving on commission; and wants the next county mayor and commission to select administrators for tax collections, motor vehicle registrations and other functions that are currently overseen by independently elected officeholders.

The Knoxify guys received a direct press release from Cortney Piper – interviewed here – stating her support for the Knox Charter Petition reform.

Now we’re curious as to other Knox County election hopefuls that may be supporting this petition.

(Knoxville, TN) Cortney Piper supports the Knox County Charter amendments put forth by to transform our government into a citizen driven vehicle. Knox Countians should be given the opportunity to vote on the amendments to truly bring government back to the people. is recommending nine changes to Knox County’s Charter that will create a structure of government that will represent the needs of our community first and foremost rather than catering to political cronyism.
Piper fully supports’s nine requests to address nepotism, conflict of interest, responsiveness and accountability in our Legislative Branch in addition to nepotism, conflict of interest, waste, fraud and abuse, cost savings and accountability in the Executive Branch.
These requests can be placed on the August ballot for Knox Countains to vote on with a two-thirds vote from County Commission.
Residents of Knox County deserve the opportunity to vote and have their voice heard. Cortney Piper encourages Commission to place the nine requests on the August ballot.

For more information on the charter amendments visit
Cortney Piper is a Democrat candidate for County Commission Seat 2B. She served on the Knox County One Question Steering Committee that was formed to restore the public’s trust and strengthen government in Knox County. Knox County One Question Steering Committee members unanimously approved these recommendations.

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  1. Seems to me all this talk of “reform” in our woeful county’s government ought to be yet another opportunity to discuss (again) chucking the whole shebang and reforming as a unified city-county like Memphis and Nashville and Louisville and Lexington, KY. When a “county” develops so densly that its infrastructure is very lacking (one lane rail road underpasses, one lane bridges and narrow roads with subdivisons on them), you no longer have a “county” you have a poorly run city. Which is what we have.

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