Knoxified Friday Question: Defining Knoxville

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Sorry for the late installment of this weeks Knoxified Friday Question. We’ve had a lot going on but at last, here we go.

We have touched on nickname’s and motto’s that might possibly describe Knoxville to an outsider and generate pride to those that live in the area. One thing we haven’t touched on is the foundation for which a motto comes from.

In your opinion, what defines Knoxville as a city?

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    We all know that Knoxville has a love affair with the color orange. And we also know of the world’s largest disco ball. But what else defines Knoxville?

  2. The unique combination of citizens who achieve great things in the present while still holding on the values and ethics that have historically given this region it’s strength.

  3. Psychologically, I have always felt that Knoxville is a cross-roads. We are on the border of Appalachia to the north, southern friendliness from the south. A remnant of the frontier mentality exists, with the rough and ready approach to life and looking west. In addition, the University and Lab bring a mix of peoples to add to the mix, along with immigrant influx. At times this mix is extremely exciting and at times we seem to all be separate streams that do not mix. Strange oscillations around this.

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