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The blogosphere has been buzzing trying to coin a 6-word phrase for the city of Knoxville. Unfortunately, many of the resulting entries sway toward the negative side.

Something that has always perplexed me about Knoxville is the lack of an official motto or nickname. At one time the city prided itself as “The Marble City” but those times have passed.

Our neighbors in Oak Ridge can lay claim to “The Secret City” and for good reason. To the Northeast, Kingsport writes itself as “The Model City“.

What should Knoxville’s new nickname be?

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  3. The Gateway to the Smokies Gateway


    The Gateway to the Secret City


    The City That Cas & George Built


    The City Where Development Begins…


    The Roadway Testbed of the Southeast


    Knoxville – Living in 3/4 and 7/4 time –
    i.e. Always a bit offtime but always in the pocket overtime

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  5. “The Bluegrass Capital of the World”
    Not yet maybe, but it’s within our grasp. Nashville has country, Memphis has blues, we should have bluegrass. We have WDVX, voted best bg station in the US, and a huge underground of bg artists. The city needs to cash in on this- no other city of our size has claimed this popular genre.

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    CK, I agree with you.

    Although, Carter Fold in Hiltons, VA, for the most part, has a lock on the birthplace of the bluegrass genre. They even have the dirt floors to prove it. It’s a great place to go if you’ve never been.

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