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Welcome to Knoxville

My bookmark roll has been growing rapidly with new Knoxville blog’s. Either I’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t noticed these places or more Knoxvillian’s are signing on. Here are a few of my recent discoveries.

  • Tabloid Boy: Larry Van Guilder of the Shopper-News covers local politics and “other oddities”.
  • RadDevon: Devon N. Campbell writes about politics to Apple to “Buy Nothing Day”.
  • Chris D. Knight: A Jefferson County blogger, Chris enjoys “being in the technology scene”.
  • The Road Home to Tennessee: Marsha Loftis covers a variety of topics. But most importantly, her about page lets you know she’s looking for a job. Anyone got an opening?
  • Cloudy Day: Emma Chace is a UT student majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism. I stop by her blog everyday because it’s that good.

Bonus: A few additions to the list.

Know of any other Knoxville blog’s I should be reading?

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  5. Thanks for the link. Dani doesn’t work in tech and lives up in NY/NJ. Not sure if she wants her real name out there on the internets yet.

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  8. I’ve got a relatively new Knoxville-centric (among other things) blog at

    I just found this site for the first time and am loving it… I’ve blown 2 hours I should have been working reading Knoxville blogs… I had no idea there were so many outstanding bloggers right here in town. Time to update my blogroll!

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