Knoxville companies not tapping UT graduates

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Spring Break destinations are all the rage in college. Key West, Lake Havasu and who can forget the infamous Panama City Beach, FL. But what about graduating seniors from the University of Tennessee? Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis and Washington D.C. are all good choices, or so they seem.

I’m talking about career destinations now, not keg-happy sand pits.

As pessimistic as I can be, I have always had my doubts about the influx of local businesses indulging in on-campus career center activities. One can only imagine just what opportunities await new graduates in the form of a job.

Are the students being sought after? Are the students the seekers? Are local organizations dipping their hand in the educational melting pot that’s in their backyard?

The latest data from Career Services at UT points to no as the answer to my last question. 21st Mortgage is the leader for local businesses that seek out UT grads as their future star employees. After passing big firms like PWC, E&Y and KPMG on the list, it’s not until you reach the University of Tennessee that another homegrown Knoxville business appears.

Why is this? Why aren’t Knoxville business leaders directing more of their recruiting efforts at UT? Are they expecting graduates to seek them out instead?

Why is Knoxville losing so many great minds to cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Chattanooga? Are there local seats vacant that could have otherwise been filled with a little effort?

There’s a regional brain-drain going on and baby boomers are not the cause.

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  1. What is the deal here? Why don’t the city leaders put some pressure on these local businesses to create some entry level jobs or any level jobs for that matter – to cater and keep some of the best and brightest around here. If people are fleeing to Atlanta and Nashville, we’ll never compete for industry.

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  4. @CP: When I was job hunting I applied for a number of things I thought I was perfectly suited for and never even got interviews. It’s just an assumption that I’ve heard others who are new to Knoxville wonder about. It could be that I’m just not as qualified as I thought. 🙂

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