Knoxville Tweet-up Round-up

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Knoxville\'s Twitter Group

After multiple “tweets” by Whodini, a large group of Knoxville’s Twitter community met for lunch at Lakeside Tavern. Here’s a quick round-up of the coverage.

Update: The official roster from the tweet-up. If I missed someone leave a comment.

  1. cpknoxify
  2. patrickbeeson
  3. Rootclip / luchauer
  4. Whodini
  5. gavinbaker
  6. djuggler
  7. LissaKay
  8. lasthome
  9. tohare
  10. mwender
  11. z11
  12. cmm1869

Picture courtesy of Michael Wender

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    @Cathy, I may have mixed them up. With 13 people there it was easy to get Twitter handles confused.

    @victor, Keep an eye out for updates from Whodini.

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  4. Post
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  8. Word. You “discovered” me via Twitter. I’m a young one, but since I live in Knoxville and update Twitter more than facebook, could I be on the list as well? 🙂 No hard feelings.

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