Knoxvillian Transfers: Marina Prutskova

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 For us at Knoxify, Knoxville has been the epicenter for the bulk of our lives. We’ve reached out to some folks that have been transplanted here, be it five months or well over a decade. We want to hear what they think of our fair city.

Name: Marina Prutskova
Occupation: Digital ad sales

Knoxify: Where are you originally from?

Marina Prutskova: Russia.

K: What brought you to Knoxville?

MP: A school program in 2001.

K: How active are you in the local scene?

MP: When I’m in a relationship, we go out a few times a week. When single, a couple of times a month.

K: What are some of your favorite hang outs and why?

MP: Surin of Thailand is my first choice as it is trendy and classy, and they serve my favorite thai cuisine. Nama is my choice for sushi. Sapphire is a late night spot for drinks and music. Again, I like classy spots that assume an appropriate dress code, and that serve wine and cocktails. I’m not a sports or beer fan, so I avoid sports bars and other places that are popular with the Tennessee Football crowd.

K: What has surprised you most about Knoxville?

MP: How much locals expect you to like the same things they do: partying at the lake in the summer and UT sports. I was actually told once that I need to “explore” more because I’m not into UT sports, and all that tailgating that comes with it. It makes me laugh every time.

K: What are some of your favorite restaurants?

MP: Surin of Thailand, Nama, Northshore Brasserie, Tomato Head, PF Changs and, of course, Taste of Thai.

K: What would it take for local venues to get out and about more often?

MP: I don’t expect Knoxville to fit my style, but staying here permanently would be more appealing to me if it offered more classy restaurants,  trendy clubs, and better quality food all around.

K: What would you like to see more of in our area?

MP: More diversity.

K: What will keep you in Knoxville now that you’re here?

MP: Since I’ve decided long time ago that I wouldn’t want to permanently stay in Knoxville I don’t think anything would keep me here. Knoxville is a good, safe town but I’d like to explore more.

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