Menchie’s Turns West Knoxville Into a Yogurt Destination

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I would guess that transitioning from making signs to making ice cream might be difficult. Bruce Smythe, a former ImagePoint executive, has made it look easy with his primarily West Coast franchise, Menchie’s.

Located in Turkey Creek, Menchie’s offers a rotating selection of frozen yogurt flavors along with a buffet of toppings that would make Waffle House hash brown’s jealous. Having already visited three times I can vouch that this yogurt shack is the real deal.

Walk in, grab a bowl, fill with yogurt and top it off. Granted your not in line behind thirty people, it’s that simple to kick-start a brain freeze. After paying, feel free to take a seat inside or out with the family friendly crowd that’s brimming with smiles and yogurt bowls.

Sticker shock won’t hit you here as you pay for what you get – all purchases are measured by weight so the bill is tabulated accordingly. My purchases have fallen in the $3.50 to $5.00 range and each time I received a filling portion of yogurt.

I would highly recommend giving this new Knoxville addition a try, especially if you enjoy cold low fat treats.

Have you been? If so, leave a mini-review in the comments below.

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