First Friday Five: The Adoption Foundation of Tennessee, Inc.

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The Adoption Foundation of Tennessee, Inc. was founded to assist families in welcoming home children through adoption, one step at a time. Literally.

The steps they take: The Adoption Foundation of Tennessee, Inc. recruits walkers and runners to participate in foot races, in an effort to raise adoption awareness and money for adoptive families.

They support adoptive families: They help an adoptive family raise money within their own resources, create strategies to generate resources and provide direct financial support to make their adoption dreams a reality.

To learn more about adoption and to donate $5 as part of Knoxify’s First Friday Five, visit The Adoption Foundation of Tennessee, Inc.’s Web site and click “donate” on the bottom of the page. We greatly appreciate your help.

First Friday Five is our online giving project that profiles one local non-profit organization each month. Put your $5 to work.

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