What’s Your Favorite Cas Walker Saying?

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Cas Walker, famous Knoxville businessman, politician, and personality was loved and hated but dang if he was ever ignored. Just listen to his message to shoplifters in the video above.

Ole Cas is famous for a lot of things including the launch of Dolly Parton’s career, but he also had a lot of great sayings.

What’s your favorite Cas Walker saying?

Comments 9

  1. I don’t know his exact quote, but I’ve heard stories about the time Cas was Mayor of Knoxville and speaking out on whether the practice of switching to Daylight Savings Time should be adopted in summer time. His pearls of wisdom were that “if we switched to Daylight Savings Time, the sun would stay up an hour longer, which would kill the grass, which would be bad for the local farmers!” How’s that for cause and effect?? Ha-Ha!

  2. I have listened to and watched Cas since 1949
    One quote I remember was about seat belts
    He said I don’t care what the law say’s about wearing seat belts
    I don’t care if they hold a muzzle loading gun on me I still won’t wear on,
    After an election his man didn’t win. He said he thought the election was fixed. He said you can put a match stick under one side of a voting booth and change a man’s vote,

  3. One morning on his show, Cas said something like, “Now, Oliver Springs is a town ain’t never gonna get no bigger, ’cause every time they’s a baby born somebody leaves town.”

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