Money In the Bank: Alex Oliver for Y&F Tennessee

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Alex Oliver

Every now and then there is someone you meet that sparks enthusiasm, creativity, drive, and innovation…that person takes you or your project to the next level. Alex Oliver has been that guy for Knoxify and now, he needs a boost from our fan base to take home the Young & Free Tennessee Spokesperson gig.

Alex is a finalist for ORNL Federal Credit Union’s Y&F Tennessee contest. The winner will become a full-time ORNL Federal Credit Union employee. They are looking to connect with folks under the age of 25 and they need a smiling face to make it happen.

If you’ve watched any of our KXTV episodes then you have probably seen some of Alex’s work (if not, example here and here). What you don’t know is that Alex helped us out for free because he believed in us. So let’s pay it forward and believe in Alex by voting him the next ORNL Federal Credit Union spokesperson.

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  1. VOTE NOW. Alex deserves it! If it weren’t for him my vid’s would look like Gumby movies. Thanks for all you do, good luck.

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