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  3. Allow me to continue building the overwhelming wave of support for M&M. In addition to your everyday BBQ staples, you can find them bringing it with an outstanding fish fry most Saturdays from noon on. They are located at the corner of Middlebrook and Chert Pit, which is just east of Cedar Bluff Road.

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  5. I recently tried the new place in Karns – Bernie’s BBQ – the pork barbecue was wonderful. The ribs were even better. Prices were very fair for all the product that was served. The food was truely good. I really didn’t like M&M’s very well nor did my brother in law. Prices were high – way high, and I may have lost my taste when I saw the cook putting CHARCOAL and only charcoal in the grill. I may give M&M’s another try but I like hickory smoked meat – not charcoal meat and it was like I could taste the lighter fluid

  6. The best BBQ and wings are found in Morristown, TN. The name is Chefdawg BBQ & Wings on W. AJ Hwy. They serve a GA and Memphis, TN style chopped pork , chicken and turkey. They also serve the best wings in TN and compare to the orginal Anchor Bar Wings in Buffalo, NY

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