New Neighborhood: Colonial Village

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If you’re looking for an easy commute to Downtown Knoxville or to the University of Tennessee campus, then our latest neighborhood guide may strike your fancy. Our latest guide focuses on a South Knoxville community, Colonial Village.

Read more about this Dogwood Trail community that was once a part of the 200 acre McCall family farm.

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  1. It seems like most people on here are unaware of the good qualities that Farragut (Concord) has to offer. I am not referring to the new, huge houses but to the old neighborhoods with ranch style houses. As far as Turkey Creek goes I avoid it like the plague. Even though it is closer to my house I try to support Kingston Pike businesses that are locally owned as opposed to the sea of chain stores in Turkey Creek. Another great feature of Farragut is the parks and proximity to the lake. The location of Farragut makes it equally distant from Oak Ridge, Downtown, and Maryville. Having lived on campus, in South Knoxville, and Bearden the idea of coming to Farragut was hard for me to swallow but the more I am here the more I learn about the local establishments.

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