Pepsi, Coke, Soda or Pop?

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There is a regional variation that exists between what people call a carbonated beverage when they order. Pepsi, Coke, soda or pop?

According to this pop vs. soda map, Knoxville is in the heart of “Coke” country.

How do you order a soft drink? Pepsi, Coke, soda or pop?

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  1. Some places I order a coke… but there are others where I have to order a Co-Cola. My Grandfather used to order a Yeller dope at the counter at Doc Bible’s in Dandridge, and they knew that was an orange soda. My weirdo cousins from upnorth always said Soda… it’s how we knew they weren’t quite right.

  2. @Suzy: great point, to me its because in the south everyone serves coke except for Backyard Burger and Taco Bell. What if you want a jack and coke, or crown and ginger, can you say “I want a jack and pop, or a crown and soda (meaning ginger not club)”…how does that work?

  3. When ordering I always ask for coke (well actually diet coke) no matter if they serve Pepsi, RC, or whatever.

    Growing up here in Knoxville we always referred to them as dopes. My mom would say to me, “run to the store and get me some dopes.” I still call them that but try not to do it in public because of the idgits that don’t understand.

  4. Soda. My dad grew up in “New Yawk” and I’ve been saying “soda” all my life, even though I grew up in Michigan where everybody (including my wife) says “pop”.

    Saying “coke” for carbonated beverages never made sense to me unless you were talking about an actual Coca-Cola. What a weird name for a soda anyways. Seriously!

  5. I didn’t really answer the question though. I always just order by name. “I’d like a Coke.” “Oh, you only carry Pepsi products…well, in that case I’ll have a Mt. Dew.”

  6. I ask if they have a diet coke, (meaning of course coca cola)..if not, I take water. Coca Cola (diet or regular) is the only soda type drink I have ever liked.

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