Hire Me: More Local Talent Available

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Thanks to an offer from Claris Networks, the Knoxify guys sat down for an interview with Dan Thompson and Michele Silva last Friday morning on WBIR. After the show, our inbox began to overflow with more resumés. If you know of a business that is hiring please direct them to …

Hire Me: More Knoxville Talent for Hire

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We’re sad to say that our resumé section continues to grow. The past several weeks have landed more talented job seekers in our inbox. New additions to our Knoxville Resumés section include: Katie Kinzer – Accounting/Finance/Insurance Isla Hammond – Project/Program Management Mark Taylor – Sales/Retail/Business Development Shawn Daniels – Sales/Retail/Business …

Hire Me: Mohammad Alameldin

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The resume’s we have received so far have been outstanding. Mohammad’s is no exception. Supervising position for diversified global international sourcing or substantial architecture accounts. Resumé Download: Mohammad Alameldin The ‘Hire Me’ series is the least we can do to help those who have lost jobs in Knoxville.

Hire Me: Santiago Ramirez

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Mr. Ramirez is a bilingual California native looking to make a new company successful. Accomplished in planning, scheduling and directing promotions and sales teams. Coordination and on-site supervision of grass-roots marketing events. Managed in-house graphics department. Provided an environment for others to succeed. Resumé Download: Santiago Ramirez The ‘Hire Me’ …

Hire Me: R. Michael Kelley

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If you need to ramp-up your customer service or project management areas, Michael Kelley can help. 15 Years Customer Service Management. 8 years Project Management, directly dealing with sub contractors. 4 years Program Management, managing Graphic Designers, Field Surveyors, preparing, installation / permitting brandbooks, as-built brandbooks for various clients. Resumé …

Hire Me: Tracey Trumbull

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Do you need an experienced photographer who has led large teams of photojournalist’s? Former Knox News Sentinel employee Tracey Trumbull might be the person you’re looking for. Over twenty-five years’ experience as an innovative problem-solver, multimedia producer, picture editor and photographer in multimedia/journalism industry. Resumé Download: Tracey Trumbull The ‘Hire …

Hire Me: Bryan Grubaugh

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Bryan wrote in stating that he was let go from Jewelry Television just last week. Mr. Grubaugh is seeking a position that will utilize his user experience skills. To obtain a position where my wide range of user experience skills will help design better and more efficient software, in support …

Hire Me: Kent Donahue

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Kent is a former ImagePoint employee who is an experienced graphic artist. Produced Image Overlays, site plans, and elevation drawings to compile Brand Books for companies like, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bentley, Rite Aid, McDonalds, Wachovia, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Ruby Tuesday, John Deere, Bridgestone, and many others. Resumé Download: Kent …