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Thanks to an offer from Claris Networks, the Knoxify guys sat down for an interview with Dan Thompson and Michele Silva last Friday morning on WBIR.

After the show, our inbox began to overflow with more resumés. If you know of a business that is hiring please direct them to our Knoxville Resumés repository.

We are happy to report that one person has landed a job via Knoxify. A big thanks goes out to them for letting Knoxify help with their job search.

In case you missed the interview.

Creative Commons License Photography by woodleywonderworks

The ‘Hire Me’ series is the least we can do to help those who have lost jobs in Knoxville.

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  1. I know this will amaze and astound but my hubby found one of his offers on Craigslist. Apparently in other areas of the country there are real postings on there and not just scams. Who knew?

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  4. I have a dark brown jacket and am too cheap to buy another one. Will that suffice?

    I just now saw the video. You guys did a great job! I’m glad you’re getting this kind of press and hope that more people can be helped by what you’re doing here at Knoxify. Well done, fellas!

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  6. Great segment, guys. The job resources at knoxify.com are a very practical asset in these uncertain times. Thanks for continually making this entire site such a great resource for Knoxvillians…er, Knoxvillagers…our community members.

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