Take This Pizza and Shove It…Into the Oven

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Carly Harrington over at the Sentinel is reporting that a new pizza place is going up in Bearden. Papa Murphy’s will be located “on a small tract next to First Tennessee bank at the corner of Kingston Pike and Forest Park Boulevard.” Take your pizza and shove it…into the oven.

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  2. Sorry for being pessimistic: But why spend money on a pizza that you have to bake yourself?

    My wife and I are really enjoying making our own pizza, dough and all. I’d estimate the cost to $6 for a large pizza.

    Is Papa Murphy’s a value? How much is your standard cheese pizza?

  3. @Patrick Beeson: I shared your pessimism when I first heard about the Papa Murphy’s concept, and if you’re into making your own pizza they might not be a good fit for you.

    However, I can say that their prices are really great. For example, this past weekend they were running a special: One large 14″ pepperoni for $6. Generally, we’ll get a 16″ family size which can easily feed four. If memory serves me, they run around $12 to $14.

    Plus, just about every time we go, they include a “survey coupon” for $3 off. So a lot of times we can get a family size with oodles of toppings for around $10. We also love their crust and fresh ingredients.

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