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Editors Note: While we’re light in total categories for local businesses, it was not lost on the jury that there are a myriad of great businesses in Knoxville. We fully intend on expanding this section next year.

Belleza makes the cut for best hair salon

Best Hair SalonBelleza Salon and Spa. The best darn salon and spa in town, period. Whether you need a haircut, color, massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, wax or even a shave (yes guys, there’s a mens salon and spa too), the Belleza staff will have you looking (and feeling) fine in no time.
Best Jewelry StoreMackley & Co. You can’t pop the question without some hardware so we always direct the guys to Darrel at Mackley & Co. But girls, don’t fret, they have plenty of “girls best friends” waiting to find new homes (or fingers).

O.P. Jenkins has been around over 100 years, need we say more?

Best Furniture StoreO.P. Jenkins. For the most eclectic mix of furniture look no further than O.P. Jenkins. For over 100 years they have been anchored in Downtown Knoxville, matching good prices with great quality.
Best Dry CleanersPrestige Cleaners. It’s no secret that Prestige Cleaners founder, Eddie Mannis, has received several recent accolades for his community leadership. One trip to his cleaners and you’ll realize he’s a good business leader, too. Prestige has always taken good care of our delicate clothing at a reasonable price.
Best Bike Shop Cedar Bluff Cycles. Roughly half of the jurors are avid cyclists so picking the best bike shop winner came easy. Ask any pro in town and they’ll tell you that Cedar Bluff Cycles, aka CBC, is the best around.

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  1. Ummm…yeah, lacking a little in substance. My college’s newspaper did about 500 times better mapping this out for the small, yet awesome college town that I lived in before moving into this nasty little backwater. Great job pointing out the obvious!! How about best NON-CHAIN restaurant, how about best parks, how about most pedestrian friendly neighborhood. You know, things that are hard to figure out in Knoxville. So dumb.

    1. Perhaps you meant to comment on another post because there isn’t a chain restaurant listed here. All of the local businesses listed above are just that, local.

      As for best parks, we actually are going to map those out because we couldn’t pick one “best” one. Some are good for running, others for biking, others for…you get the hint. Be on the lookout for that.

      While I’m here, I’ll point you to the comment policy: If your mom named you lame I feel for you.

  2. Thanks for posting these and the local business that you are supporting thank you also (I work at one- Belleza Vibe- and eat lunch at one- Colonel’s Deli- once a week or so). I’ve let everyone at both of these businesses know about this site. Having another voice to spotlight the MANY good things in our little backwater is very welcome.

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