The Well springs to life

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Here at Knoxify we always strive to find more places to champion our inner Norm(!), whilst also vying to hear some good tunes. One such venue, which just opened up in the old 4620 location, has both in spades. We spoke with Gina Truitt, owner of The Well, a den-of-all that’s-good-ness.

Knoxify: What made you want to open The Well?

Gina: Because my other employer wouldn’t let me drink on the job! Ahh, just kidding. I like running a bar, might as well do it for myself. Having a music venue makes it even better. Especially when my other half, Matt Woods, is a local / touring musician and willing to help.

K: What sort of vibe / crowd are you aiming for, if any?

G: Comfortable!! Just come, enjoy good music, have some drinks, try some food. Everyone’s welcome.

K: I noticed the show schedule is pretty packed. Is that something you feel is important?

G: Absolutely. Music is an art that needs a place to be enjoyed. Right now, Knoxville has more musicians then there are places to play. I’m happy to open Knoxville’s newest music venue, and give artists a home.

K: Are you wanting to keep it wall to wall live music, so to speak?

G: That’s the plan! We’ve got great shows at least five nights a week on our “Tennessee Whiskey Stage,” an excellent hand-picked jukebox, and a bunch of music magazines just for the heck of it. We have the motto, “Whatever you do, do it Well“,  and that’s the stand we take on original music.

K: The line-up of music acts most nights is a pretty impressive lot of mostly Knoxville bands. Are you reaching out locally, or open to bands from outside of the region?

G: After the lease was signed, Matt and I just called up all our musician buddies and started filling the calendar. They are amazing folks we can count on to bring a good show! A lot of them are local – we have a wealth of talent here! The list also includes some out-of-towners. Guys who tour like Matt, who plays over 200 shows a year. So, sometimes, they crash on the couch. We just like good music, and want to share it with our community.

K: Will you be holding any special, non-music events?

G: Sure. We are putting together a film event with Sweet Southern Pixels, and planning an art show for a local sculptor. Expect to hear music at the events too.

K: Is The Well liquid refreshment only? Do you all serve the typical bar food, or strive for something different?

G: I love our food! We have things like chicken bacon crostini bites, barbecue blue cheese mini sliders, Southwestern Paninis, hummus and more. All served til 1:30 A.M. nightly.

K: Will there be any signature drinks at The Well?

G: What is a well without water? Our well water is made with blue raspberry UV Vodka and dirty well water is our take on Lynchburg lemonade. They are pretty tasty! But I’d have to recommend the whiskey, we have a pretty great selection.

For more information, and to stay up to date on who’s playing, feel free to visit The Well’s official site, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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