Things to Do: Entrepreneurs and Bargain Hunters Edition

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There are plenty of things to do in Knoxville. Among those, something for entrepreneurs and bargain hunters.

  • Entrepreneurship – Tough times like we face today call for do-or-die attitudes. If that entrepreneur inside of you just stood up and took a bow then Knoxville Overground (KO) may be your calling. Today at 7pm, KO will host a social mixer at 35 Market Square as well as provide tours of the 5,000 sq. ft. facility it hopes to convert into a micro-enterprise development center within the next few months. Knoxville has needed a startup business incubator for a long time so we’re hopeful this will take off.
  • Yard Sale – Recent revenue spikes at Dollar General are proof that everyone is looking for a deal these days. Neighborhood yard sale’s are often a frugal Knoxvillians mecca for good finds. On April 3rd and 4th, various houses off of Ginn Rd will be holding a yard sale. Head on out and if you see David Ethier, tell him Knoxify sent you.

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  1. Holler at Knoxify!

    Yea, Ginn Rd is off Alcoa highway, just south of the Food City and Last Chance. Take a RIGHT on Ginn Rd, not a left. Yard sales will be Friday and Saturday (April 3 and 4th, like the post said) from about 9am till dusk.

    I am moving in July, so you better believe I’m gonna be slangin’ hard in the yard! Drop by and see what you like! And you KNOW I’ll have that Knoxify special…

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