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  1. The Leaf an Ale is a great place, so it’s not a surprise they’d stock this beer. L&A is second only to the new Knoxville Cigar Co. in my opinion. But if you live out west, L&A is the place to go.

  2. I just purchased Fat Tire and Mothership Wit at the Food Coop, no better place to experience the goodness

  3. I saw a stack of Fat Tire at Leaf and Ale this evening before the group ride at Cedar Bluff Cycles. But they were closed when I returned to my car.

    I ended up buying a 22oz of the Amber Ale at the Pilot Station (!) on Cedar Bluff.

    The best thing: A special commemorative label saying “Now Voluntarily Available in Tennessee.”

  4. I had the pleasure of tasting fat tire this weekend at Nama’s Sushi bar West. It was great! I even kept one of the bottles which had the Tennessee special edition logo.

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