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Thanks to a lot of publicity, our ‘Hire Me’ series has been hotter than a two-dollar pistol. We’ve been fortunate enough to help a group of Knoxvillians gain more exposure in hopes of landing new jobs.

One of those job seekers is Santiago Ramirez, a marketing/public relations/management professional. Last week Mr. Ramirez answered our video casting call for an opportunity to sit down and tell us more about himself.

Watch as Santiago tells us why he loves Knoxville so much in a video sponsored by MSQ Studio and JAO Productions. Video after the jump.

If you’ve got an opportunity for Santiago give him a shout at

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    @Michael Wender: When we dispatched our casting call we truly didn’t expect to have any takers. We knew that the word “video” didn’t bode well especially if it was being run by two strangers. I can’t tell you how surprised, amazed, and happy we were when Santiago showed up. His auro consumes you much like reading a book by Seth Godin. Mr. Ramirez is a true asset to the Knoxville community and I hope someone reading our site has an opportunity for him.

  2. Santiago, thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on this challenge, few have the confidence to do that. Thanks to MSQ studios and Alex and Jaopro, great work fellas!

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