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So much of our time and effort here at Knoxify is focused on small business, one-stop mom and pop shops. Just as small business is good for Knoxville, so is the large kind. Chain restaurant Chick-fil-A invited us to try their new spicy chicken sandwich. Here is our take.

At 2:30pm on any weekday in Knoxville, it’s rare that you’ll be the only car in a Chick-fil-A drive-thru. During our visit last week, we learned from Chick-fil-A PR reps that drive-thru’s are a large part of their business strategy. So much so, they’re even experimenting with 3-lane configurations in various parts of the country.

What Chick-fil-A has down to a tee is their role in the community. Stop in at any location and you’ll find a schedule of events bringing all walks of life together. Can you believe they’ll give you free food for dressing up like a cow?

Keeping with their community ties, Chick-fil-A personally invited little ole Knoxify out to test the new spicy chicken sandwich, set to land full time on June 7th. We could write about our experience or we could let our video do the talking. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Want to try it yourself? Click here.

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      Christian is the man! We interviewed him for the video and he spoke of upcoming events. We’re still amazed at the amount of food they gave away during the Dogwood Arts Festival parade. Thousands of sandwiches in roughly 1 city block.

  1. We had a great time with you guys! Thanks so much for the awesome review. I think the “Ole Ole” song will pop into my head every time I eat a Spicy sandwich from now on. Knoxville rocks!

  2. oh wow! that looks so good! too bad I wasn’t in Knoxville yesterday. I need to get one of those. my mouth is watering…

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