Best Barber Shop in Knoxville?

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Tall tales, fishing stories and questions about the weather are what you’ll likely find in a good barber shop. As a group of friends sit around two or three chairs wasting the day away, a good barber will always join in on the action while shaping up your ‘fro.

Where’s the best barber shop in Knoxville located and what makes it so special? No tall tales now, ya hear?

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  1. I use The Cutting Crew next to Dick’s Sporting Goods on Peter’s Road. Mitch, the motorcycle riding barber, cuts my hair and always has a good story to tell. He also seems to be the only one that can give me a haircut and not make me look like anymore of a fool than I already am.

  2. Dake’s Barber Shop on Western. Just like an authentic deli has food on the shelves in a language you can’t read, Dale Dake has all the requisites: old style chairs; patriotism on display; veneration for Andy Griffith, Mayberry and Floyd the Barber; magazines from a previous decade; and a straight razor shave over your ears if you request it. I don’t want my barber shops too neat or too clean. A good barber shop should be a Man Cave, where men retreat for a few moments of political chatter, check-ups on the family life, and the smell of talcum and the hot oil from the clippers. Haircuts are $11, and well worth every penny.

  3. Pike Barber Shop in the Basement under Long’s except for the rare Monday when I just have to get my hair cut I will go to Volunteer in Homberg which is actually a better cut but is a bit steep.

  4. The most amazing hair cut I’ve ever had was by Adrian Jackson in Knoxville.  I heard he’s opening a new Barbershop and it’s suppose to be the coolest environment around!  The Loft Barbershop

  5. I get mine and my boys haircut in Halls at Midway. Brian cuts mine and my boys does a great job he’s the only guy to have ever cut my kids hair. I want take them anywhere else, I want take them anywhere else.

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