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The Knoxify guys have added a new feature to the site.

Now, whenever you browse the comments on any given story, you can hover over the commenters name to reveal their participation history right here on Knoxify.com.

Our new system also checks the URL left by the commenter and attempts to pull the latest post from their very own RSS feed. Cool, huh?

Go ahead, give it a try on this popular post.

Photography by mattsabo17.

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  1. Very cool. Can you also explore the possibility of threaded comments? I mean, as your community explodes, you’ll need tools that make participating easier. 😉

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    Thanks for stopping by Tragicallyhip. Right now we max out at around 20 comments and that only applies to certain posts. If for some reason the Knoxify guys explode onto the global blog scene we’ll certainly look at improvements.

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  5. he’s lying- we piled a bunch of html code together and then had a seance around the computer screen until the site formed itself.

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