Were Schools Closed Prematurely?

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Is this the right time to use, “when I was in school we walked to class up hill both ways in a foot of snow”? I’m sure we’ve all heard that one before. But calling school off before any type of precipitation has touched the ground? Come on. What do you think?

Were Knox County schools (and other surrounding systems) closed prematurely?

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  1. It’s really a lose-lose situation here. No matter what happened, people would complain. Now that schools and some businesses closed – people are complaining that it was done too soon. If they had not closed and a “winter storm” came early – people would be freaking out and wondering why they didn’t close schools. So the lesson is to just go with the flow and respect the decision that has been made.

  2. I hail from the great, white New England. I remember moving out of my dorms in May with 2 inches of freshly fallen snow and more falling.

    I do understand however, that many rural counties are worried about ice. Snow isn’t scary, it’s the ice that is dangerous.

    I’m still rather surprised how quick schools cancel outright, rather than predicting a 2 hour delay and then using that as buffer time to cancel. Do they have snow-days built into their calender?

  3. Yes, definitely yes. Last year we had a snow that was called really late and one that never got called. New Knox County superintendent is from Boston. He has a lot to learn about the Tennessee weather system. Model near Stephanie Thompson and the Maryville school system.

  4. I really don’t think school was called off too early at all.

    Better to ditch the entire day than leave parents in a lurch if and when school is closed halfway through the day.

    There will be winter weather today, and it will come before school would have ended.

    It was the better call to cancel completely, and very smart to let everyone know the night before, so that all arrangements can be made.

  5. Gotta agree with Tim F. I got two youngins in Knox County Schools, it’s much easier to deal with things the night before, than it is to have to change plans in the middle of the day. It always drives me crazy when every other county is called off, and the Knox kids are left hangin.

  6. I think it’s getting a little ridiculous. Snow isn’t expected until the afternoon/evening hours anyway. Why continue to put the fear in people and now teach the kids to be afraid? I understand everyone wants to get home safe but take it slow and use common sense and everybody will be OK.

  7. Yes, I think it was. The forecast never said things were going to be messy before late tonight. Snow does not automatically mean problems on the road. Even though winter weather is not the most predictable thing in the South, a little common sense can still go a long way. Now if tomorrow was a school day, then yes, go ahead and call it.

  8. I bumped into Supt McIntyre on Monday and asked him about this @ Lenny’s on Gay St. His reasons: they knew snow was coming, and they thought it would be around dismissal time. He wanted to be sure there was someone to receive each kid who got off the bus. Announcing on Thursday night gave parents more time to make alternate plans vs. announcing at noon on Friday and making the afternoon chaotic.

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