What’s in the Little Black Bag?

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The weather on tap today couldn’t be a better setting for the 34th annual Dogwood Arts Festival House & Garden Show. However, this year they’re offering up a surprise in the form of a little black bag. Check out the picture above and leave a comment with what you think is in it. To see if you’re right stop by the Knoxville Convention Center today at 10am.

This post is a little free advertising for The Dogwood Arts Festival. Please note that one of the owners of Knoxify.com is closely related to this event.

Comments 4

  1. No horse, kiffin, or tiger inside, but Dogwoody-revamped, one of my favorite spring time staples/mascots in Knoxville now has a new outfit. If you have been around Dogwood Arts Festival you know Dogwoody needed a facelift. Thanks to Pet Friendliest Community for reaching out and Supporting Dogwood.

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