What’s the Best Co-op in Knoxville?

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As a youngster, I used to hitch a ride with my grandfather to the co-op where we hauled away anything from chicken feed to salt licks for goats. Recent news stories and other local sites have painted a different picture of co-op’s, one where fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased from regional growers.

Regardless of the fare you’re after, what’s your favorite Knoxville co-op?

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  1. Well, it depends on which items you’re looking for. The Knox Farmer’s Co-op carries feed, fencing, plants (in season) and tools, and Three Rivers Market carries food, plants, and an abundance of vibe.
    Since they provide such different services, its hard to say which is ‘best’. I shop both regularly – *disclaimer: I also work for TRM and have been an owner for many years.
    Regardless of which you may perceive as ‘best’, I’d encourage all to pay a visit to see how the experience of shopping at a truly locally owned business can influence one’s perspective on the market place.

  2. I think there are only three co-ops in Knoxville- The Farmer’s Co-op, Three Rivers Market and the Knox Housing Co-op. They are in no way in competition with each other; in fact, cooperation is a guiding principle for cooperative enterprises. Is the author of this post actually from Knoxville? Are they just trying to get hits on the website?

  3. Three Rivers Market is definitely my favorite, they provide great fresh & local foods. Also you can find lots of bulk items such as herbs, spices, tea, flour, rice…. etc. I’m vegan and they offer lots of variety for my dietary needs.

  4. My favorite co-op is Three Rivers Market, Tennessee’s only member-owned food co-op! A great selection, friendly staff, and community-owned and invested for 30 years.

  5. Meant to include these links in my earlier post. If you’re curious about how co-ops work and the various types of co-ops, check out this link: http://www.go.coop/

    Here are the 7 principles co-ops operate under:
    * Voluntary and open membership
    * Democratic member control
    * Member economic participation
    * Autonomy and independence
    * Education, training and information
    * Cooperation among cooperatives
    * Concern for community

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