Which Knoxvillians Do You Want to See on Twitter?

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Twitter Paparazzi
Is there someone missing from the list of people you follow on Twitter? Do we need to encourage other Knoxvillians to start Twittering?

In keeping with our recent KFQ social media/Twitter themes (see here and here), I wanted to ask you which Knoxvillians you would like to see on Twitter. I’ve got a couple in mind, but before I wade in, I wanted to see who you would suggest.

Which Knoxvillians would you like to start using Twitter in 2009?

Creative Commons License photo credit: SaZeOd with a slight mod by MW.

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  4. @Jonathan Haskell: Like thousands of other Knoxvillian’s, I’m sure Bruce reads Knoxify on a daily basis. Given that, we probably helped stir his pot to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. Most Influential Bloggers in Knoxville – yeah, that would be us. 🙂

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