Who Has the Best Wine Selection in Knoxville?

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This question came from one of our Twitter followers, Shawn Van Dyke.

No matter what part of town you’re in, there always seems to be a really good wine/liquor store close by. Personally, I venture into Farragut Wine & Spirits and McScrooge’s Wines & Spirits quite a bit to pick up some tasty vineyard creations.

In your opinion, who has the best wine selection in Knoxville?

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  2. @knoxify Although the same wine, but the atmosphere for wine shopping is the best at Ashes, but the prices are best at Toddy’s

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  4. Harvest Town has a great selection if you are in Fountain City or North Knox. Not sure if it’s the best because I haven’t been to all of the others!

  5. I like Farragut Wine and Spirits too…doesn’t look like much from the outside, but great on the inside. Plus, lots of deals! Not sure of selection, though.

  6. I really like Downtown Wine + Spirits also. They may not have the largest selection, but they continually get in new stuff so there’s always a fresh selection. At the same time, there’s always such a varied selection that if you’re looking for something in particular you can find it.

    For example, in the early fall my boyfriend’s parents were coming into town and I was cooking. They helped me match up wines with every course. The in-laws left extremely pleased.


  7. I like Ashe’s in Bearden. I’ve know Thad Cox all my life, and he is a good guy, who is passionate about what he does. He understands wine, loves people and gets customer service!

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